How To Scroll Down On Laptop

How To Scroll Down On Laptop

In this article, I will show you How To Scroll Down On Laptop. Modern laptops come with a scrolling feature built into the touchpad. If you’ve just bought your first laptop, you’ll notice a touchpad where it opens. If you swipe your finger across the touchpad, you’ll see the cursor move across the computer page. There are also two buttons below the touchpad. There are two ways to scroll a page on a laptop using your touchpad and buttons.

Modern laptops have a built-in scroll feature for the touchpad. You will notice the touchpad at the base, close to where it opens if this is your first laptop. The computer page’s cursor will move if you move your finger across the touchpad. Also located below the touchpad are two buttons. On a laptop, you can scroll down a page using the touchpad or the buttons in one of two methods.

Depending on the sort of touchpad on your laptop.

The Precision Touchpad, which is found on the majority of current Windows laptops, has new multi-finger motions. If your laptop has a Precision Touchpad, you may scroll by simply sliding two fingers up or down on the touchpad.

It relies on the touchpad that is placed in laptops without a Precision Touchpad. Some may let you scroll in the same way that a Precision touchpad would, while others will feature a line or other area that you can scroll on by sliding your fingertips across. Some people even oppose gestures. However, most modern laptops, especially those with Synaptics touchpads, do allow gestures.

Open Control Panel, select Hardware and Sound, and then select Device Manager from the Devices and Printers page to find out what kind of touchpad you have. Expand the selection “Mice & other pointing devices.” The name of your touchpad will be seen there. (Alternatively, you may simply check your laptop model’s specifications online; nonetheless, I prefer the first option.)

Of course, all of this assumes that your laptop is a Windows computer rather than a Mac. I don’t care what you think is right or wrong.

How To Scroll Down On Laptop: Old-Fashioned Way

How To Scroll Down On Laptop: Step 1

Look for the arrows on the right side of the page. One point up and one point down. There is a bar in the long, thin space between the arrows.

How To Scroll Down On Laptop: Step 2

Move your finger on your trackpad until the cursor is over the arrow, say down arrow.

How To Scroll Down On Laptop: Step 3

Click the button on the bottom left of your touchpad. He will click the arrow and scroll down the page. Alternatively, you can grab the scroll bar (the gray bar between the arrows) by clicking the left mouse button and then dragging the bar up and down the page.

How To Scroll Down On Laptop: Touch Pad Control

How To Scroll Down On Laptop

How To Scroll Down On Laptop: Touch Pad Control Step 1

Look at your touchpad. Most laptops have markings on the right side and bottom of the touchpad. These allow you to slide your finger over them and move the page accordingly.

How To Scroll Down On Laptop: Touch Pad Control Step 2

Place your finger over the marker on the touchpad. Drag it down and the page will scroll down. Drag it up and the page will be dragged up. If that doesn’t work, try changing your mouse settings.

How To Scroll Down On Laptop: Touch Pad Control Step 3

Go to the “Start” menu on your computer. Navigate to Mouse Settings. There is a tab labeled “Tips” in this window. Just click it. The “Use scroll feature” checkbox should be selected.

How To Scroll Down On Laptop: Quick Answer

Use two fingers to scroll through a page or window and scroll up and down on your trackpad. You can also try single-finger scrolling on the rightmost part of your trackpad, but this only works if your device has this feature. If none of these methods work for you, you’ll need to use the scroll bar on the right side of your window.

How To Scroll Down On Laptop: Using Keyboard

How To Scroll Down On Laptop

How To Scroll Down On Laptop: Using Keyboard Shortcuts Method 1

You can browse through lists in some programs using shortcuts on the physical keyboard (such as your messages, emails, or documents in BlackBerry Hub).

In an app, do any of the following:

  • To go to the bottom of the screen, press B.
  • Press T to get to the top of the screen.
  • To scroll down on a screen, press the Space key.

Note: Some applications do not offer these shortcuts.

How To Scroll Down On Laptop: Use the Up & Down Arrow Keys Method 2

How To Scroll Down On Laptop

If you’re on a Laptop and want to scroll without a mouse, you’ll need some help from your keyboard.

Basically, you can scroll using the up and down arrow keys. Well, pressing the up arrow will scroll up and the down arrow will scroll down.

All you have to do is hold down the up/down arrow keys or press them once. When you hold down the key, the scrolling motion is accelerated. But, when you need to read something on the web, scrolling line by line is better than pressing a button once.

Unfortunately, this method will not work on text editors and file explorers. When you use these arrow keys, they simply move your cursor from line to line or select files in File Explorer.

How To Scroll Down On Laptop: Another Answer

Depending on your laptop model and touchpad type.

Most modern laptops with Windows have a precision touchpad, with new multi-finger gestures. If your laptop has a valid touchpad, just scroll with two fingers on the touchpad and drag it up or down.

For laptops without a valid touchpad, it depends on the touchpad installed. Some will allow you to scroll like a true touchpad, others will have a line or space where you can scroll by sliding your fingers across it. Some don’t even support gestures. Most recent laptops support gestures, especially those with Synaptics touchpads.

To find out what type of touchpad you have, open Control Panel, click Hardware and Sound, then click Device Manager under the Devices and Printers tab. Select “Mice and other pointing devices” and expand it. On this, you will see the name of your touchpad. (Or you can look up your laptop model details online, although I prefer the first method)

Of course, this all assumes you have a Windows laptop and not a MacBook. Whatever floats your boat, I don’t judge.


You can learn how to scroll on a laptop using a variety of techniques with the aid of this article. Hopefully, you may now read all of your favorite articles without being concerned about missing the information given at the page’s end!

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